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CWLA Mentoring Scheme

CWLA is excited to be introducing a mentoring programme for its members. The purpose of the programme is to increase the support network available for female lawyers in Christchurch.

We will be seeking expressions of interest from both mentors and mentees, where the parties identify the areas that they can assist with/need assistance with. We will then undertake a matching exercise, where a mentor is paired with a mentee.

Whilst the relationship itself will be run according to what works for the individuals, CWLA will provide a framework by which to guide and support the mentor-mentee relationship. CWLA will also be here to provide any required support throughout the life of each individual mentoring relationship.

Our aim is to facilitate a supportive and collaborative environment which allows our members to access the support they require. It's important to note that we understand that it is not purely career advancement support that you may need. We encourage mentors and mentees to be open to discussing all challenges faced in professional life, including work-life balance and challenges being faced in the office environment.

CWLA recognises that the profession is changing, and we want to ensure that our members are getting the support that they need to be the best lawyers they can be.

If you would like to become involved with the mentoring programme please register your interest by sending an email to and the Committee will then send you a mentor or mentee form to complete.

Please download the below notices for more infomation:

Handbook - Be a Mentor - Be Mentored

CWLA Membership

Membership for the 2018/2019 year is now open! Our fees are $45 for a full member and $25 for an associate member.  For more information and/ or to join: please click here!


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